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Updating xp sp1

I'm going to jump ahead quite a bit - I tried all the things suggested in that article, then tried other things others found and did, and had no success.

I’ll use the same scenario, updating test case results in QC, but if requested, I can also show how to get test steps from a test plan, or read & update defects in QC using the OTA library.

First, create a new project in Visual Studio (or Sharp Develop). It is a COM library and contains the single interface TDConnection.

What fixed it: I did the manual install procedure below, though other files had to be copied as well and renamed in the process.

Once that was done, Windows Update ran - the first thing it did was run an update that updated Windows Update components.

You could easily get a list of all test sets that haven’t been executed involving the recent updates feature by substituting this line: Dictionary test Results = new Dictionary(); test Results.

Add("New defects in Recent Updates are red", "Pass"); test Results.

Assuming you have quality center installed on your local machine (not a typical setup) you might have the following setup: Now you need to find your test sets that need updated.

I typically use folder structure that goes something like: Project – Iteration – Component – Feature It’s a bit convoluted but here’s the code to get a test Set: string test Folder = "Root\QASite\Sprint5\Dashboard\Recent Updates"; string test Set = "Recent Updates - New Defects Logged"; Test Set Factory ts Factory = (Test Set Factory)td Conn.

Now, let’s create a connection to your Quality Center server.

You’ll need to know the URL of your QC Server and have valid login credentials with access to an existing Domain and Project.

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