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Updating us passport photo

We don't normally recommend using passport expediting services, which sometimes charge hundreds of dollars to secure passports in as little as 24 hours, unless you're desperate.

If you have enough time to get your passport directly through the traditional government channels, do it that way. You can check the status of a pending passport application here.

(Processing times can vary, so check the State Department site for the most up-to-date estimate.)Need it sooner?

So keep a close eye on the status of your visa pages if you're an avid traveler.

Expediting a passport You can get your passport expedited in roughly two to three weeks (door-to-door) via the State Department when you pay an extra $60 plus $12.85 for overnight delivery in addition to the standard processing fees.

But most major drug stores, such as Walgreens or CVS, will sell appropriately sized passport photos that comply with government standards; this makes things a little easier.

Renewing a passport You have two options here: Either you have your old passport or you don't.

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Malfunctioning washing machines, dryers and fridges, are just some of the appliances that have caused over 9,574 fires in just three years.For a first-time adult passport, the total fee is 5.• Passport photos.You can read more about the specifications for passport photos here.While you'll find everything you need to know about the often befuddling process on the U. State Department website, we've made things a little simpler for you by breaking down the basics—from forms to fees to IDs—and providing helpful links to the appropriate forms and websites.Getting your first passport To get your first passport, you'll have to show up in person.Remember to always report your passport as missing the moment you're sure it's gone. Lost or stolen passports abroad First and foremost, be prepared!The State Department advises that American travelers get in touch with the closest U. embassy or consulate if they lose their passports while abroad.Last night, the Government was accused of putting lives at risk after failing to update product safety laws, as the alarming figures were revealed.Pictured is a family's burnt-out appliance in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire An investigation carried out by The Sun newspaper has revealed that 428 fires between 20 were blamed on Hotpoint appliances.If you don't have the funds, the embassy will help you contact someone at home who can wire money directly to the embassy."Adding pages to a passport Do you require additional passport pages? Beef up your blue book by mailing in Form DS-4085 along with your almost-full passport and the required fee.According to the State Department, it's the right time to ask for more paper when you have two to four empty pages left in your passport.

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