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Updating tomtom go

If it does not start: Device stuck at start-up or flashing cross Another option: see this post Updating Tom Tom - FAQ's As a last resort: format the TT internal flash and put back your backup The map you are going to install will not work with the official navcore. It allows you to select ttsystem from your TT and do it's magic.For it to work you need to patch (modify) the file 'ttsystem' on your TT. It can patch the for the emulator in HOME ("operate my ") too. If you cannot or do not want to patch yourself, there are prepatched navcores.This is a general instruction for updating your TT.

In the end, Tom Tom finally decided that maybe there was a fault with my 920.

Since it was out of warranty, I bought a new unit at the end of 2010, a Tom Tom XL 340TM.

Worse, the company seems not to care about known problems.

For all of you Tom Tom owners feeling lost out there, come along. Back in 2010, I tried to update my then two-year-old Tom Tom 920.

I'll share some of my pain, and you can nod in agreement. It was the second Tom Tom I'd owned, a high-end model.

It worked perfectly fine, but the maps were out-of-date.If you want to update your system, some effort from your side is required. model: Go720 serial: M6****G***** (these 3 characters only! You can use the Tom Tom program HOME for this, but most hardcore users prefer Win RAR: When you connect your TT to a PC, it shows itself as an external hard drive. (Disconnect using the OS mechanism for safe removal.) Check the navcore version of your TT.) navcore: 8.351 (9982), patched with Easy Use Tools bootloader: 5.5128 map: Western Europe 830.2306, keygenned with Easy Use Tools * does NOT include Device ID or full TT Serial Number * you report back successes (failures tend to come back like a racquetball) 1 Update the software (navcore) on your TT 2 Modify the new navcore to accept a new map (patching) 3 Find a new map, suitable for your TT 4 Make the new map accepted by your TT system (generate a key) All tools, instructions, and maps on this forum are provided by kind experts and donators. On a running TT, tap the speed area, and than tap the small area above where the speed was.It is on the second line, the first number after App (e.g. Navcore v9 has the same information in the menu-system, last page.This page provides all essential information when asking for help. Can you actually update your device easily with new maps?When it comes to Tom Tom, that's a test it has failed for me with three different units, making me want to navigate elsewhere for my GPS needs.Another way is to have the TT connected to your computer, and view the file in the root of your TT.The version is after Application Version Version Number= HOME can also report the system version.These maps have less additional information (POI's, rivers, etc) included to make them fit in 1GB or 2GB flash. If you want: to use an SD Card, to preserve your Favorites or if you wonder what ALG, ASR, and C-Speech mean: see the post Updating Tom Tom - FAQ's Do not copy a new map over an old one; remove the old map first. A map of Western Europe will be in a directory Western_Europe in the root of your TT (or the SD card). Delete the space in the middle and type it in CAPITALS.Do not place a map-directory inside another directory. Some more details: Tom Tom POI's A map will only work on your TT if you have a valid key that matches your TT hardware. (It is also in ttgo.bif, after Device Unique ID=) 4 the map-directory with the meta-file You can simply run the keygen program (from Easy Use Tools) from the command line but there is an easy tool that does the hard work for you. Easy Use Tools will create v6map codes, v7and v8map dct-files, and will patch navcore's.

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