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Updating the site content type failed

When you publish a form template to a document library, every form that is created in that document library will be based on that form template.Publishing a form template to a document library lets you quickly deploy a single-use form, such as an informal survey to capture restaurant preferences for a team lunch.In there, take note of the rule ID of the rule that was triggered (in the present case: "WP0025B").

Notes I have the same problem, but I think for a different cause (though it also relates to the API). As I and others encounter this issue generally with Gutenberg, is there a more-specific Gutenberg list of calls we can bracket to via that pagerule regex? I keep having to go to cloudflare and whitelist my IP.

As I described here, because my site URL and my WP URL are different, anything to do with REST gets me this error: I have a similar issue with cross-origin JS errors blocking the post content block and meta blocks in Gutenberg v1.6.1 running it on nginx/1.10.3 through Cloudflare with add_header X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN; set in the file. After doing that, it's still not working, and I'm getting the rest_cookie_invalid_nonce response in my Network tab when I try to debug etc.

Søren created a custom stsadm command which handles pushing down the content type changes.

I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel but I needed the ability to call the code in different ways and I wanted to try my hand at using the SPContent Type Usages class so I decided to use what he created and just refactor it to meet my goals.

I do not have this problem using Divi with this domain.

All publish options work properly in Divi going through Cloud Flare, so I suspect something in the way Gutenberg send data is causing the issue.

Søren does a great job at explaining the problem and what the code is doing so I won’t reiterate it here.

My modified version of the code can be seen below: By refactoring the code slightly I’m now able to use the code via the stsadm command, which I called gl-propagatecontenttype, or I can call the Process method via my Feature Receiver by just adding a reference to the assembly – this way I can push changes to content types down to the lists they are bound to when my Feature is re-activated.

If you publish a form template to a server that is running Windows Share Point Services 3.0, you can also do the following: Publish a form template as a site content type When you publish a form template as a site content type, you enable users to assign multiple form templates to a single document library or to assign the form template to multiple libraries across a site collection.

A site collection is a set of Web sites on a virtual server that have the same owner and share the administration settings.

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