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Updating svn client

To create FSFS repositories compatible with Subversion 1.6 and 1.7, use theto upgrade existing repositories.

However, to fully benefit from the latest repository size reductions, it is recommended to create a new repository, adjust its settings and then dump/load or svnsync the contents into it.

Such damage to the 1.6 working copy is permanent, and cannot be fixed even if svn cleanup is run prior to the upgrade.

In previous releases of Subversion (1.6 and earlier), Subversion would automatically upgrade the working copy to the new format when a write operation was performed.

Subversion 1.8, however, requires an upgrade for both read and write operations on the working copy, and makes the upgrade a manual step.

is now FSFS version 6, which is not accessible by Subversion 1.7 or older.

Older repository formats remain fully supported by Subversion 1.8 but will not support revprop packing (packing of revision files and also the revision property files).

Subversion 1.8 can only upgrade working copies created with Subversion 1.6 and Subversion 1.7.

Note: Subversion 1.8 cannot upgrade working copies that a 1.6 client would have refused to operate upon before an on all 1.6 working copies that require cleanup.There is no need to dump and reload your repositories.Subversion 1.8 servers can read and write to repositories created by earlier versions. That link is still correct, however, you now need to register in order to download the installer AFAIK.In Altium Designer 14.2 the in-built SVN client has been upgraded to support SVN 1.8.Furthermore, I liked the smaller footprint of SVN 1.7.In typical lazy developer fashion, I went with updating SVN to version 1.7 for Mac OS X.Pre-1.8 clients cannot access 1.8 working copies at all and there is no downgrade option.Note that migrating to 1.8 working copies is a one-way operation.To give due credit, the foundations of this post came from a post on Building SVN 1.7.Although I expanded on it, I encourage you to read the original post.

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