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Updating samsung bd p1400

Keep me posted.--HDTech I left my 1200 alone all night and it is still stuck at cd-up.

My update was done directly through the unit being plugged in to the internet. If this bricks my unit and it is out of warranty am i screwed even though it is there update? Joe Joezone914, Sorry to see people are having issues.

The customer service said it needed to come in for repair. I said that was BS since it was there update that fried it.

(fwrd samsung support I could not turn off my blu-ray so we unplugged it, then plugged it in again and turned it on.

We were able to use it but I'm not sure the actual update was performed but at least it's working - still can't play the blu-ray avatar though.pmburke00, If you've been stuck for over two hours, then attempt to remove the disc, or USB stick if you're using one of those methods for updating. Restart the unit, and immediately hold down the FF button on the player for 15 seconds, which should reset it. There's a risk of bricking the unit by doing this, but if that happens, the unit would have to be sent in for repair.

In the “description” column, click the newest firmware version available.

This utility updates the BD-P1400 firmware to version 2.3 Please read the firmware update instructions before updating. * Disc playability improved for new released discs. Dolby True HD and Dolby Digital Plus Transmission over the HDMI Interface 2.

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