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Updating picasa

Additionally, Google will be retiring some functions of the Picasa API.

No matter how you look at it, it is perfectly clear that Google is steering Picasa users toward the Photos service, which may not be a bad thing at all.

As part of the transition to Google’s new photo hosting and sharing service, Google Photos, launched this May, users of Google’s older Picasa desktop software are now being prompted to upgrade to Google Photos Backup for saving their images to Google’s cloud storage.

Google on Friday announced that the Picasa desktop app and its corresponding online photo-sharing service, called Picasa Web Albums, are soon going to be officially dead.

This didn’t come as a shock: since the launch of Google Photos, Picasa’s fate was pretty much sealed.

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You will need a good, fast Internet connection in order to view these properly.

Google officially discontinued the Picasa software in April of 2016.

Google Photos is the recommended solution for your lifetime of photos uploaded to the cloud, but if you still have a computer with pictures on it, Picasa is the best free computer software. We’ve been teaching it since 2005, and we’ll teach you!

Rebuilding the database is the process of purging the database of incorrect or damaged information and then rebuilding the information. and depends a lot on the situation, but an hour per 10.000 pictures for finding the pictures AND doing the face recognition should suffice.

Read the advantages and disadvantages and choose the method of rebuilding the database below.

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