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The door itself is in good shape but the sunlight & rain over the years definitely aged the hardware pretty badly.So I decided to be doctor for an afternoon and perform a facelift :).Rust-Oleum makes pretty much any paint color you can imagine, including oil rubbed bronze, in a spray can.20-30 minutes after applying the primer I sprayed the handles and screws with the oil rubbed bronze topcoat (even the can looks cool, a true indicator your paint job will be awesome, :))Always apply multiple coats versus 1 heavy coat of paint.

Here are some photos that show you what your sliding glass door hardware will look like after they’re scuffed with the sandpaper. I used gray primer but it doesn’t matter what color you choose.

Rust-Oleum has never let me down so it’s my spray can product of choice. Here’s a TIP I would use the NEXT time I do a project like this.

The total time you’re Removing sliding glass door hardware is really easy.

Our door handle only had 2 screws holding it in place.

The time you’re actually painting the handles will be less than a few minutes.

I actually sprayed the topcoat of oil rubbed bronze (all of 1 minute) and then did my laundry in between successive coats. The oil rubbed bronze topcoat will prevent rust from forming.

You don’t want to make a trip to Lowes or Home Depot to try and find replacements.

Use 120 grit sandpaper to scuff the sliding glass door handles.

Hold the spray paint can 10-16 inches above the hardware and make smooth horizontal passes. These are the only moving parts on the handle and therefore don’t respond well to a thick coat of primer or paint.

The directions on the spray can say you can add a second coat of primer or topcoat of paint in 1 hour.

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