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Updating modem driver instructions

The categories of drivers varies between different Dell products.Some of the generic categories are: Applications category lists software downloads that Dell is providing for use with your Dell PC, including but not limited to: Audio category lists device drivers for the audio (sound) card in your Dell PC.

Dell develops drivers so that the operating system on your Dell PC can work with your Dell devices and applications.This will ensure that you have the latest device drivers installed on your PC and ensure that the devices function optimally.However, if your PC is working fine and the driver is not listed as an Urgent or Recommended download, there may be no reason to update.The operating system uses the driver to communicate with a hardware device such as a printer, video card, sound card, network adapters, etc.Microsoft Windows operating systems includes drivers for most devices, however device specific drivers may need to be downloaded and installed from the manufacturer's website.Back to Top Dell releases updated drivers frequently to ensure that your Dell PC has the latest security patches, fixes and functionality available.When you update the device drivers, you are taking a preventive measure to protect your PC and make sure your hardware and devices work properly.Warning: Downloading and installing device drivers or software from unknown sources may cause the device not to work correctly, cause your PC to crash or not boot into the operating system or sometimes even infect your PC with virus, trojan or other malicious software.A driver is a small but essential piece of software written for a specific operating system like Microsoft Windows 10.Back to Top Device drivers should be updated when you have reinstalled the operating system using either CD, DVD or a USB key or when you are facing any issues like Wi-Fi or other network issues, video (graphics) issues or audio (sound) issues etc,.We also recommended that you install or update the device drivers if you have performed a factory reset of your Dell PC using Dell Backup and Recovery or other factory reset methods.

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