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Updating magellan maps

Traffic alerts were helpful, as well, matching several live warnings also displayed by programs like Waze.

The bar for online support for any device these days is relatively high.

Unfortunately, Magellan’s online support software for registering and updating maps and software is in serious need of renovation. Rather than just telling you your software is up to date, for example, the program lists some (but not all) available versions and then grays out the update button, rather than providing clear instructions that you don’t need to download or update any software.

Should one desire, country road recordings are clean enough to post as You Tube travelogues (albeit mundane ones).

And whenever there was a severe bump, the automatic g-shock sensor dutifully recorded the event, although thankfully the worst we encountered were some rim-threatening potholes.

Depending on your vehicle’s windshield and the time of day, it can be tricky finding a position where both the navigation screen is glare-free and the camera has an unobstructed view out the front; the oversized mounting bracket doesn’t help.

In some of our tests, for example, the nav screen had to be angled slightly to avoid glare on the display, meaning that the camera swallowed up a sizable chunk of the dashboard within its purview.

(Now if they’d just build a radar detector into it, we’d be all set.) One final consideration is that the Road Mate 6230-LM is compatible with Magellan’s 0 wireless backup cameras.

If you don’t have one already installed, we highly recommend it to prevent backover accidents, which injure hundreds of children in the U. every year, according to safety advocates at Kids and Cars.

Additional information includes speed limit warnings, parking garage locations, and Phantom Alert warnings about red light and speed camera locations.

The forward-facing camera operates like a DVR, recording video in 720p (rather than full HD at 1080p).

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