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Updating insignia blu ray player

No more excuses for being locked out of great BDs just because of region coding. Best buy has these receivers at 9.99 There has been a thread at High Def Digest on this player for maybe 3 months or so. Jacob I read about it, unless I am missing something that only makes the player an all-region DVD player, not all-region Blu-ray player. when you do an firmware update on the insignia player.. there will be a mod released soon so you can do blu ray and dvds for the oppo 93. Firmware updates are not mandatory and if one will negate the simple all-region aspect, don't update. It can easily change region coding with the remote - key in 9113 and a secret menu pops up that allows you to set it to whatever BD region and DVD region you want. Using the up or down arrow button on your remote, navigate to it and press enter. Three menus appear on a blue screen in the center of the screen: DVD Region, BD Region, and BD Profile. However, if you find the August 2010 iso file you can downgrade the firmware to keep the region free ability of this receiver. Jacob Again, that Insignia player is the same or very similar to players from Sherwood, Momitsu and other companies and people have been using that series of players for that purpose for years now.In fact, a little internet research reveals that when this player first started selling at Best Buy stores in late September ’09, the firmware version that supported Netflix wasn’t yet available and caused some problems for early buyers.

From this hidden configuration menu you can set all DVD movies to be region free and then you just select whether or not you want region A, B or C for your Blu-ray titles. However, when I follow cleon21's instructions I don't get the "Configure player" in the ribbon on the left.

Although the form comes up, I have 2 questions about it: 1) on my remote, with the disk tray open, if I push the "setup" button on the lowerleft while punching "9113" absolutely nothing happens, whereas when I just "9113" with the disk tray open the region menu comes up, is that indeed the correct way to bring up the menu?

2) To play region-2 dvd discs on the player, I set the dvd region to "2" and the blu-ray to "b", the I ok the form by pushing the "arrow down" key and "enter", and then I put the region-2 DVD in the tray and try to play it, is that the right way?

Just bought this player on Black Friday at Best Buy in California for $89 (Model # Insignia NS-WBRDVD2. But you do the same thing with the tray closed it working. I purchased my unit about a year ago so it doesn't have the 2 at the end of the model number like the new units have. I have the latest firmware (marked August 2010 on the website).

The NS-BRDVD3’s bread-and-butter price point might lead one to think that it has been made on the cheap.

In fact, we are pleased to see that the player appears and feels reasonably well constructed.

The NS-BRDVD3 Blu-Ray player does boast some improvements on its predecessor and attempts to increase the bang-for-your-buck factor to help bolster the popularity of the Blu-Ray format.

However, the competition at this price point is getting tougher which means the NS-BRDVD3’s missing features could be a deal breaker for some.

This Insignia Blu-Ray player appears to have been manufactured and sold before its firmware’s time.

Straight out of the box we find a flyer indicating that a firmware update will be necessary to take advantage of its Netflix streaming capabilities.

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