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Updating initrd

This minimal Linux environment is loaded into memory by BIOS or UEFI routines and does not have specific hardware requirements other than sufficient memory.The daemon on the root file system for the boot process to proceed.This is achieved searching for Bitlocker in the Windows control panel and going to Bitlocker Drive Encyrption.

If you want to look what is inside of an initrd file (don’t ask me why I needed this ;)), here you can find some information on how you can do that.

Depending on what kernel you are using you might encounter various initrd type of files.

After this point, the boot process is completely controlled by the operating system and handled by is a small cpio archive that the kernel can load into a RAM disk.

It provides a minimal Linux environment that enables the execution of programs before the actual root file system is mounted.

The Ya ST installer is running in a RAM file system and needs to have information about the location of the installation medium to access it for installing the operating system.

updating initrd-85

As the title suggests, this post is about triple booting the Asus T100TA with Windows, Lubuntu and an encrypted Linux Mint.The "vanilla" kernel is the kernel officially released by Linus, or by a member of the community appointed by Linus (e.g. X are officially maintained and released by Marcelo Tosatti).The distribution's kernel is normally a "vanilla" kernel, with many patches on top of it that either did not get accepted to the "vanilla" kernel, or that the distribution's maker back-ported from newer kernels.Booting a Linux system involves different components and tasks.The hardware itself is initialized by the BIOS or the UEFI, which starts the kernel by means of a boot loader.partitions directly without the help of Ya ST, further actions are needed.If you forget these steps, your system will start in emergency mode.In case you’re wondering why on Earth would you want to triple boot an Asus T100 additionally with an encrypted system?It’s a good question, with a few good answers: Firstly, you have to decrypt your Bitlocker partition (if not already off) in order to reduce the data partition of Windows 8.1.Older kernels will use a initrd/cramfs type of file.If we want to look inside this file all we have to do is to mount it (as a loop device).

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