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However, the end result is far from the factory finish you will receive from a Miracle Method refinishing professional.Miracle Method uses coatings specifically created to restore and refinish Formica®, Wilsonart® and other laminate countertops.

Of course, replacing countertops altogether is an expensive endeavor.

Formica® countertops must be cleaned and de-greased before refinishing.

Any burns, cuts, or chips will be filled, sanded and made level.

To achieve the look of natural stone slabs (which tend to appear more solid than granite but still aren’t completely solid), you can again paint the countertops using a variety of paints, clear glitter (not kidding! The change shown here isn’t vastly different in color, but it is pretty dramatic in the look of a high-end finish.

The glossy topcoat itself looks professional and more sophisticated than the previous countertops – in fact, it’s hard to believe that these countertops were once standard laminate..

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