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Updating forklift ticket qld

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Your high risk work licence can be replaced online or you can post the application to replace a high risk work licence to us.As for the OP try workcover NSW (their website doesn't want to work currently) They will know what you're talking about as they are trained to deal with all that. If you haven't changed your address or contact info since getting your licence you should get a letter reminding you to renew and instructions.The form should be called Licence to Perform High Risk Work. Otherwise go to the Worksafe/Workcover website here risk work It tells you how you can renew it.You were right to think that was odd as it is completely wrong.The forklift ticket is completely separate to a motor vehicle license.I'm not going to bother, as I said before I'm retired and I don't really care if I never drive a fork lift again.Same here,but when I got my MR, I made sure that the UD came as well,can be handy at times.Manpower are seeking an experienced Data Entry and Administration Clerk to work in an ongoing capacity with our client in Yandina.You will be working with a well-known established food manufacturing organisation based in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.Australian post does not have any of the paperwork required for HRW licence renewals only the regulator in your state has, so all applications must come through the regulator of your state by mail or phone 13 10 50 for workcover NSW.No testing is required to renew a HRW licence if the above requirements are met. Im in the process of renewing mine at the moment ive just noticed its expired by a couple of months and what sux is that Workcover will only post the renewal forms they wont email them and you cant pick them up from a workcover office or post office so I now have a 4 day gap of my license being invalid and apparently logbooks are now not legal.

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