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Updating firmware on ipod

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You can download latest version of i Tunes 9 for free and i Phone users can update to firmware 3.1 for free unfortunately i Pod Touch users need to pay .95 to upgrade to firmware 3.1. Download i Pod Touch 3.1 Firmware using below links i Pod Touch 1G 3.1 Firmware i Pod Touch 2G 3.1 Firmware i Pod Touch 3G 3.1 Firmware P. Start i Tunes 9 and select i Pod Touch from device list 5.If you're using i Cloud, you can follow our tutorial on how to backup your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch with i Cloud.You can now download the i OS 11.2.1 software update for i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch. The first ever software update after i OS 11.2 has been released, and is dubbed i OS 11.2.1.While you can update over the air if you're already on i OS 5, you can also update via i Tunes.So if the update isn't showing up for you directly on your device and you just can't wait any longer to update, follow along to update the old fashioned way using i Tunes.Next you'll need to make sure you have the latest version of i Tunes which will be version 10.7.You can either visit i to snag the latest update or if you're on a Mac, just run a software update and it should come through.In prior i OS versions, choosing Later would require you to go into Settings → General → Software Update and tap Install to have i OS install the new firmware.It appears that the install time changes automatically based on how you use your device, as determined by i OS’s Proactive feature.In i OS 9 and later, however, tapping the Later option gives you additional options allowing you to update the device tonight or be reminded about it later..UPDATE: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that this feature is new in i OS 9.3 whereas it has been available since i OS 9.0.

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