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Microsoft Edge also stores cookies, small files that are put on your device as you browse the web.Many websites use cookies to store info about your preferences and settings, like saving your sign-in so that you don’t have to type in a password each time you visit.

Separately, if you choose to enable browsing history within the Cortana Notebook Permissions, your browsing history is also sent to Microsoft so Cortana can help personalize your experience.To protect some video and music content from being copied, some streaming websites store Digital Rights Management (DRM) data on your device, including a unique identifier (ID) and media licenses.Then, when you use the website, it retrieves the DRM info to make sure you have permission to use the content.To speed up tedious tasks like filling out forms and entering passwords, Microsoft Edge can save info to help.If you choose to use those features, Microsoft Edge stores the info on your device and doesn’t send it to Microsoft.Microsoft Edge will send Do Not Track requests to websites when the Send Do Not Track requests setting is turned on.Websites may still track your activities even when a Do Not Track request is sent, however.Microsoft Edge also has features to help you and your content stay safe online.Windows Defender Smart Screen automatically blocks websites and content downloads that are known to be malicious.So you can stay current with just one Firefox update. Firefox now supports more features that used to require plugins, so you can browse with fewer crashes and interruptions.Plus, our blocklist system protects you between updates.

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