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Updating backtrack 3

Running from the CD is probably the most secure way to run BT3, but many, including myself, have installed it on their hard drives for performance reasons.If you do the same, keep in mind that you're running as root, and don't use Back Track for your normal chores.I only had to enter the IP address; the script handled all the rest for me, including the creation of an SQLite database Metasploit uses to store the results.

BT3 is a SLAX/Slackware derivative, and if you'd like, you can use the Slackware repositories to install packages not included in the ISO.Inguma is a network pen testing tool which -- among other things -- makes use of Scapy to allow you to craft custom perchance malformed packets for fuzz testing.I chose the Metasploit Auto Pwn menu item in Fast Track to launch an attack against a test box running Ubuntu 8.04.The most recent beta version was released on June 10.Back Track 3.0 beta (BT3) is showing up in a lot of places these days.In addition to the security tools, BT3 comes with a lot of the standard KDE offerings: two browsers (Firefox and Konqueror), three chat/IM clients (XChat, Pidgin IM, Kopete IM), remote desktop software (VNC and RDP servers are supported), editors, graphics tools, and so on.But if you're really interested in KDE instead of the security tools, you're looking at the wrong version of Linux.Conspicuous in their absence from the menu tree are categories for Office and Games.The point is, this is not your typical distro -- it's for security testing, not day-to-day use.From a CD, it takes about two minutes to go from boot to full-blown desktop, shown in Figure 1.That includes autoconfiguration of all devices, including wired and wireless NICs.

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