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I have now gone round in a circle in Linux trying to set up the rights for ADMIN.

To SUDO root I need to ad admin into the SUDOers list, but I need root rights to do so. I have now reloaded software from scratch using beta 4 Rpath version 1.0.12 Now I have more fun. Can't login via GUI looking at the asterisk box I am timing out as fast as i login 2.

I reloaded the latest files from the download site but could not get logged in to the GUI.

I checked the CLI and it was timing out as quickly as I logged in.

In the *Now GUI, you enter ADMIN as username and that same password you choose earlier.

Updating asterisk

When you go to the r Path GUI System Administration, the initial password is "password".

So I have tried reinstalling using the lastest CD image, and then updating so we have Asterisk 1.4.0-0.1-1 Asterisk-gui 0.9.7-3-1 Asterisk-now 0.0.1-18-1 conary 1.1.15-0.1-1 When i run the update it still can't find the group-poundkey group-poundkey 1.4.0-0.25-9 (current version) It says it is installing Asterisk 1.4.1 etc but it is never there when I check. I raised the issue wth rpath but am still waiting for them to upload the files tey requested. Can I down load the group-poundkey update and do a forced install?

Thanks Mark My system looks for updates then seems to be stuck on March 2nd.

Failed: A permanent failure has occurred: " from the comand line using update all I get "write permission denied on conary database //var/lib/conarydb/conarydb from the console I get a long list of files it could not update.

Is this also a version issue and if so how do I over come the access issue to do an update?

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