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The gifs were brought to you courtesy of a cool artist site I found while searching for animated gifs to use to create this article.The next step, you may have guessed, is to thread the animated gifs in ASP.

Table 2 - Image Animator Class Methods The Run Animation thread delegate is shown below.

From the code, you can see the initial call to Animate.

Register Wait For Single Object has a different purpose.

It allows you to trigger a callback function with a Wait Handle or Auto Reset Event.

Figure 1 - Animated Gifs running in a Thread Pool One of the nice features incorporated into the . If you are not in the mood to manage your threads (determining when they sleep and when they wake up), you can take advantage of this powerful class consisting of some easy to use static functions.

In this article we will discuss the use of the Thread Pool class in conjunction with the Image Animator class to run 3 animated gifs in separate threads.Inside On Frame Changed we call invalidate to force a repaint of the gif and a subsequent call to Update Frame: Listing 3 - Event Handler for Update Frame event of the Animated Gif o, Event Args e) All of the painting of the Gifs are handled in the On Paint event.Each thread will trigger the On Paint event through the On Frame Changed Event which is also contained in the individual threads. Paint Event Args e) Youll also note in the listing above the Allow Hi boolean flag.The library also contains any components that you have added to your document.Components can be either compiled clips or Movie Clip based components.The library in an Animate document stores media assets that you create in the Animate authoring environment or import to use in the document.You can create vector artwork or text directly in Animate; import vector artwork, bitmaps, video, and sound; and create symbols.Table 1 - Thread Pool class methods Thread Pools have an added advantage over the thread class in that, not only do they allow you to create a thread, but also it lets you pass an object associated with the thread to the thread delegate.I havent figured out how to do this with the Thread class yet. NET framework will be more accommodating with this task.The Paint Event Handler, shown below, does the painting of the images for all three threads: Listing 4 - Painting the Gif Images on the Form sender, System. This flag is set in the callback after Wait For Single Object callback is triggered (either by setting the signal of the Auto Reset Event or by timing out after 20 seconds).If you click on the Trigger Hi button on the form, it signals the Auto Reset Event (by calling Set) which in turn triggers the Wait For Single Object callback.

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