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Updating a white kitchen

Adding insult to injury, our blue laminate countertops with oak trim were being upstaged by the Something had to be done.I really wanted to paint the cabinets white, but I was worried about how well regular paint would stick to melamine.The two materials these 80’s kitchen cabinets are made from take paint differently.

You may want to caulk between the wooden grab bar and the melamine door for a more seamless finish.

One of our grab bars was separating a bit from the door, leaving a gap that paint couldn’t fill.

These differences are visible even with many coats of paint.

If you’re planning to keep these cabinets around for the long term, using wood grain filler to even out the texture will make a more flawless finish.

The small kit only has enough paint for two coats, so you run the risk of using up all your paint before the project is complete.

A good primer will cover up the oak, and prevent the tannins from seeping to the surface.

But all these new things made the rest of the kitchen more drab than ever.

The melamine cabinets with oak trim looked so sad next to the bright white and stainless steel.

Zinsser B-I-N primer, which is shellac based, stopped tannin bleed amazingly well.

I used one coat of primer on the melamine cabinets, and two on the oak sections.

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