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Updating a record using cursor

Requests made with test mode credentials never hit the banking networks and incur no cost.We send information on new additions and changes to Stripe's API and language libraries to the API announce mailing list. Authenticate your account when using the API by including your secret API key in the request. Your API keys carry many privileges, so be sure to keep them secret!

The result intent delivered to your intent allows users to select where they'd like to create a new document (within another app that manages the document's storage)—your app then receives the URI location of where it can write the new document. Instead, the system receives this intent and displays all the files available from various apps in a unified user interface.

To provide your app's files in this UI and allow other apps to open them, you must implement a intent.

Provide your API key as the basic auth username value. If you need to authenticate via bearer auth (e.g., for a cross-origin request), use flag to pass basic auth credentials (adding a colon after your API key prevents c URL from asking for a password).

A sample test API key is included in all the examples on this page, so you can test any example right away.

action and specify alarm details such as the time and message using extras defined below.

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Note: Only the hour, minutes, and message extras are available in Android 2.3 (API level 9) and higher.

The other extras were added in later versions of the platform. Although not many apps will invoke this intent (it's primarily used by system apps), any app that behaves as an alarm clock should implement this intent filter and respond by showing the list of current alarms.

Note: This intent was added in Android 4.4 (API level 19).

To compose an email, use one of the below actions based on whether you'll include attachments, and include email details such as the recipient and subject using the extra keys listed below. The file reference returned to your app is transient to your activity's current lifecycle, so if you want to access it later you must import a copy that you can read later.

This intent also allows the user to create a new file in the process (for example, instead of selecting an existing photo, the user can capture a new photo with the camera).

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