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The LIVE view from the webcam atop the roof of The Wilsons; looking on to Coniston Old Man above the treeline.Sometimes shrouded in mist but majestic in the skyline on a clear day. Enjoy a long cool Peroni after descending the world famous Old Man in the largest (probably) beer garden in the world.

“If you’re going to do porn then just make sure you’re comfortable with the whole world finding out about it.

The true number is likely to be far higher, however – as another site boasts three times the web traffic in the UK.

22-year-old Martyn has been performing cam shows with his straight male friends since he was 16.

Andrews Church, Barclays Bank, the Yewdale Hotel and down to the Crown Inn.

Most of the buildings here are over 100 years old and open walks to the fells are just 5 minutes away.

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