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On Friday, May 10, Wet Paint reports that Kellan Lutz and “Step Up 3D” star Sharni Vinson have broken up after almost two years together.

I can't remember what happens in the movie, but that was in the audition. But I just did the same thing, breakdown what you know about him.

She was doing this mothering thing as he's looking to this normal girl for support. Also, there's a ton of literature which he wrote and about him and then you just kind of build that back up again.

I thought Catherine [Hardwicke] and Kristen [Stewart] would be supportive of that.

But they've also got reputations whereas I don't have a reputation at all.

I can be put anywhere and it just goes completely over my head. Literally, my representation asked me, "Do you have any problems with this? " I said, "I just don't want to get shot or stabbed. A recent article leaves the impression you were obsessive about playing this role and had a lot of angst about taking it on. I don't know how it turned out or what the result from getting intense about something is, but you definitely feel more satisfied.

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I don't want someone to have a needle and I'll get AIDS afterwards." That's only my real fears. I wanted to take that into and also try to break down the assumption that if a movie is being made from a book which is selling a lot of copies - which every single book that sells a lot of copies now is made into a movie immediately and they're virtually all not very good and everyone knows, even six year-olds know, that it's just to make money – I didn't want to be involved in something like that.

Actually, I was in New York doing a radio interview and they're people sending in messages. I specifically hadn't done anything which anyone would see since because I wanted to teach myself how to act. This came kind of randomly and I didn't really know what it was when it first started. I wanted to do two or three more little things and then do something bigger.

95% percent of the messages were saying, "Take your hat off." I was just like, "Okay." When people say something has become a trademark you have got to get rid of it. Are you really ready for the fandom that's going to result from this film? My brain doesn't really accept it, so it's fine. I think the bottom is going to hit the runway when it's taking off. And then this kind of happened and I was like, "Well, okay..."I had done another movie where I'd gotten really intense about it before and I felt kind of satisfied afterwards, much more satisfied than I had from other movies.

However, it could be due to Kellan Lutz busy schedule, while Vinson doesn’t have many upcoming project lined up, Lutz has more than enough to keep him extremely occupied.

Kellan Lutz is set to lend his voice to the upcoming film “Guardians of Luna,” he’ll be starring as Tarzan in “Tarzan” and as Hercules in “Hercules 3D.” Finally, he will be in “Love is all You Need?

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