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Trolling the american dating system

Moments earlier they had referred to it as a "hashtag game" that was "hosted" by "Giselle Evns," another of the Russian troll accounts.

Immediately a cluster of the trolls started pumping out tweets with the hashtag, several tweets per minute.

Trolls on the "Right" cluster promoted Trump and attacked left-leaning causes and politicians, mainly Clinton.

"The trolls were organized into three general ideological networks, said Allen, the Neo4j analyst.The account blamed the president for "numerous bloody wars" and deaths in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine."He doesn’t deserve to be a winner of the Nobel peace prize. A Freedom of Information request filed with the park police by NBC News wasn't fulfilled before publication.His true prize awaits him in the Hague court docks,” tweeted @Leroy Loves Usa, who also tweeted the photos to @real Donald Trump. The Russian troll account appears to have been the first to post the images online.Related: Russian troll describes work in the infamous misinformation factory The trolls manipulated major events, even horrifying ones, to spread their messages.The first big spike in activity was March 22, 2016, when three suicide bombers killed 32 in Brussels.Daily troll volume suddenly increased several-fold. They linked the terrorist act claimed by ISIS with a perceived threat posed by Muslim refugees to the U. Jeanne Mccarthy0: "#Islam Kills this is seriously getting out hand! #Pray For Brussels #Stop Islam"Ryan Maxwell_1: "#Brussels Let's close all mosques! #Islam Kills"Ben Nimmo, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a think tank, told NBC News in an email that the surge of tweets sought to "demonize Muslims, migrants, refugees and anyone who supports them, and to panic real Americans into increasingly extreme views."Americans may have thought they were using hashtags during the election to discuss politics with each other.They didn't know they were also talking to Russians thousands of miles away in a troll factory.Their message was to distrust all authority, especially the police.During the election, the hyped-up tweets appeared to be just part of the social media noise."We saw a lot of questionable accounts and content, but we knew there were underground networks to spread content that would undermine Hillary," said Emmy Bengtson, former deputy social media director for the Clinton campaign.NBC News took those names and cross-referenced it against data held by three sources familiar with Twitter's API, an online system that allows software developers to work user data, generated a database of 202,973 tweets sent by known Russian trolls.The sources asked that their names be withheld to avoid being identified as possibly violating Twitter's developer policy.

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