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quotes on validating yourself

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Also, keep in mind the alternative sources for reading material such as newspapers, magazines, journals, websites and the increasingly popular… Books may have their limits as an interest, but I’m positive that everybody who doesn’t live in a monastery watches movies.

In my perspective, this is one of the richest conversation topics out there.

Sure, people may have different tastes in what they read, but the subject of books in itself is very big and juicy.

Before I list these topics though, I want to add one thing: knowing the right topics doesn’t do much for you if you lack conversation confidence. This is why I have created for you a free presentation in which I reveal the secrets to conversation confidence. To some people, this is almost like having a superpower.

Talking about how we are, how our mind works, why we do what we do and anchoring this in real life is always interesting.

With this in mind, I am giving you ten fine researched conversation topics I believe work fabulously in most conversations.

So you can confidently pick from them in your social interactions and then adapt the conversation topics as you learn more about the other person. We want to understand ourselves better and to understand others better.

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