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The fifth wheel dating game show

After the sound rejection of the horrid formats, bad hosting by Brad Sherwood, the complete devoidness of anything good about the show, and oddly enough boredom, the ratings were corpsing. Starters, the set went back to a classic Dating Game motif.

The cameras would follow their every move, while commentary in the form of subtitles, animations, and "thought bubbles" (similar to the style used in Pop-Up Video) was added by the show's producers.

Then after the game, the person would pick one based on looks and the other on personality. If they were one in the same though, the person would win 0.

Either way you slice it, it's just not The Dating Game and many people knew that.

Mainly because in the old days the three bachelors would be introduced with the bachelorette backstage in a sound proof room.

Now it's just, here they are, you know the names, let's do something. Well, like I said, Instead of the bachelorette asking random questions, the new producers thought that it would be brilliant to rip off Studs by having the picker see 2 "punny" statements pertaining to one of the 3 bachelors.

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