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The track initially only gained attention from online media, although it did receive its first commercial radio airplay on Tampa Bay alternative radio station, 97X, debuting on September 19, 2011.6.

However, it was soon covered by the television show ""Glee"".7.

•     Digital download – Remix5. •     ""Somebody That I Used to Know"" – 6. •     ""Somebody That I Used to Know"" – 8.

The music video has over 450 million views on Vevo and You Tube as of April 27, 2013.

The video begins with Jepsen spying on her attractive tattooed neighbor, portrayed by Holden Nowell, as he is working on his lawn.4.

Said hobby resulted in a failed product that was found to be highly addictive to adventurers, and caused numerous people to join his family out of necessity for the drink. Though thanks to a spell she often disguises herself as a chientroupe, or beastman.

Liliruca, generally referred to as Lili, acts as a supporter for adventurers she teams up with by acting as the mule to pick up money and items dropped off the monsters that her teammates kill (though she The Goddess of the Hephaestus Familia Hephaestus runs a familia of blacksmiths who create armor and weapons for adventurers.

Welf however, wants none of it, and only wants to create items of his own strength.

He joins Bell's group after discovering that Bell had been purchasing his armor, and decides to craft him a weapon made out of a minotaur horn. Known as the Goddess of Beauty, Freya loves to tease her fellow gods, and searches out adventurers with the greatest potential to join her..if they are already a part of another god's familia. Most of the members of her Familia are attractive women who act as both adventurers and prostitutes. Eina acts as Bell's advisor who looks out for his well-being when it comes to his adventures in the dungeon.After the event, Bell ends up acquiring a rare skill, Realis Phrase, that allows for him to accelerate his growth so long as it corresponds with his strong feelings towards achieving catching up to Aiz. Newly arriving on the lower world, Hestia, after multiple failures, finally starts her own familia after recruiting Bell.As a result, Hestia cares deeply for her only familia member, and strives to help Bell grow to become a powerful adventurer in any way she can. Known as the Goddess of Mischief, Loki is the head of one of the largest familias in the lower world, and strives to make Aiz one of the greatest adventurers in history...A music video for ""Call Me Maybe"" was written and directed by Ben Knechtel.2.According to Knechtel, the main idea behind the concept was to have a ""twist at the end"", trying to get away from the idea of the classic ""boy meets a girl"" story.3.With the ""Glee"" version having success on the charts, the song was licensed for use in a Chevrolet Sonic commercial that aired during Super Bowl XLVI.8.The single song propelled the band into mainstream success, topping the digital charts in February 2012 and becoming a crossover hit, peaking at number one on the ""Billboard"" Hot 100 through airplay on contemporary hit radio stations, topping the chart for six weeks straight.9.It is also the first song to log seven weeks of 300,000 or more in digital sales, a record that was previously held by Eminem's ""Love the Way You Lie"" (2010).10.""We Are Young"" has been certified five-times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, and is both Fun and Monáe's first charting single on the Hot 100, as well as their first number-one single.11.She is also a dear friend of Hestia, and personally creates a dagger for her friend's first familia member in order to help with Bell's growth. Welf comes from a family famous for crafting powerful magic swords, but were one day cursed by the Gods to never make them again due to abusing the sword's power on others.As it turns out, Welf does not have such a curse placed on him, and is sought out by numerous people to create the Krozzo magic sword for them.

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