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The 7 least intimidating mma nicknames

He cannot be imitated, and it's not worth it for anyone to even try.

Notable Examples: Gabriel "Flash" Elorde, Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire, Kevin "The Flushing Flash" Kelley, and many others Elorde carried it well.

With some fighters like Prince Arron, it also just doesn't feel that appropriate.

Muhammad Ali's self-created nickname "The Greatest" is possibly the most famous in all of boxing, and the reference to Alexander the Great makes the junior welterweight champion's nickname clever and acceptable.

However, this nickname isn't transferable from fighter to fighter, and Philadelphia's mediocre female boxer Olivia "The Great" Fonseca is a cautionary tale for why this is a bad nickname to recycle.

He was the original "Flash" and deserving of the nickname. That name in itself is enough to make anyone second-guess having "Flash" in someone's nickname, and at the end of the day, "Flash" just isn't creative enough to sound cool for any boxer these days.

If so many others didn't adopt some variation of "Flash," I would consider it a good moniker. Notable Examples: Devon Alexander "The Great", Muhammad "The Greatest" Ali, and several less-notable fighters This name was a toss-up for the best and worst lists because of the caliber of the listed fighters, and how suitable their nicknames feel.

In BJJ, 2 years per rank and 10 years from white to black belt seems to be be considered a typical course of promotion.

BJ Penn earned the nickname, The Prodigy, when he progressed from white to black belt in about 5 years and won the World Championships.No fighter wants to get stuck with "The Pride Of..." or even "The Fighting Pride Of..." wherever they're from.Notable Examples: Prince Naseem Hamed, Prince Arron This isn't a horrible name, but compared to its more experienced counterpart, "King," it just doesn't have the same ring to it.However, now that ODLH is a promoter with a company named "Golden Boy." It's just not the same nickname.When Jorge Linares got the nickname after signing to De La Hoya's promotion company, it garnered groans from fans, and officially jumped the shark."King Khan", "The Italian Dragon", "Pacman," are now the accepted nicknames for the three fighters listed above.So what this nickname tells you is that a fighter is decent, but not good enough yet to have a real nickname.It could be that the nickname is just too good to ignore.Other times, it's probably just sheer lack of creativity.Still, most young fighters would love the nickname "Golden Boy," so it's not bad on its own account.It was a bit frustrating when Oscar De La Hoya got the nickname during La Londe's career, but the clean-cut, charming, and talented De La Hoya fit the nickname so well.

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