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Rauzi, “Annual Oil and Gas Activity in Arizona 1959 to 2012” (February 26, 2013) Arizona Geological Survey; Stephen L.

The largest producing oil field in Arizona is Dineh-bi-Keyah, which means “The People’s Field.” It’s 36 miles south of the Four Corners Monument in the Lukachukai Mountains at the north end of the Chuska Mountains near the border with New Mexico. discovered an igneous sill (intrusive rock formation) full of oil in 1967 on a large anticline (a geologic fold structure sought after by petroleum prospectors for oil). The next several decades saw the completion of more than 30 productive wells averaging 3,600 feet in depth on 80-acre spacing.

The sill, on the Navajo Reservation in Apache County, now occupies 3,000 acres at an elevation of more than 6,800 feet. Helium-rich gas has been extracted from Devonian strata (a layer of sedimentary rock dating back 375 million years) in the Dineh-bi-Keyah field.

Because Zillow uses proximity only to measure value, they cannot make an accurate estimate of value because they know nothing else about your home!

This is an Article from AZCentral about some of the best dining places in Prescott, AZ.

It doesn’t factor in age, layout, levels, condition, upgrades, neighborhood etc.

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For example, what if your home is site built but has a mobile home park nearby; the value of these homes would bring your value down and your home would bring theirs up. Look through the profile previews below to find your perfect match. Our site has 1000's of singles who have always been looking to meet somebody just like you!Oil discovery in Arizona dates to 1905 with the drilling of a 2,000-foot well in the Chino Valley, 20 miles north of Prescott.Learn about the geology, botany, birds, and early man in the area.The Old Spanish Trail comes alive again and much more.We are located 85 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada, off Highway 127 en route to Death Valley National Park.Camping, motels and free natural hot mineral baths are available in nearby Tecopa Hot Springs and Shoshone.Cost per tour starts at , which includes transportation. When traveling through the Death Valley area consider visiting beautiful China Ranch, near Tecopa California.Visiting China Ranch can be a wonderful one day adventure or highlight of any trip to Death Valley.We are not a resort or tourist development, but rather a working family farm in a truly unusual setting.

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