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Since then she has used the name sunflowerb for just about everything. You can call me Sunflower, or Megan, or Sunny, or Megs. You can check the tag "persephone progress" to see me ramble about writing Persephone. They’re really nice people, but they’re fucking bastards and I wish they’d go out of business.""Well you’re not like, ‘Fuck this and this and this’ at your day job, are you? Where are the Mormons, they always have good stuff.""Whose opinion are you going to listen to on this, hm? ""I know you're a nice person because you're trying to rationalize someone having cheese stains on their armpits.""We've been in here an hour and we're leaving with mini bottles of wine and the smallest bottle of vodka. I try my best to complete prompt requests in order of which they've been received, but may hold off on prompts that aren't clicking with me. [The aftermath of Riku’s flirtation with darkness, told around the comments of his mother.] I think it involves more than simply being sent to the time out chair. One a vacation gone wrong, Sora and Kairi end up having to stay the night in a cottage on an island while Riku is back on the mainland trying to get them the right cottage. Astridcentric, companion/sequel to 'Cold North Wind'. There was only one person this could have come from. "I'm trying to be supportive here, but you gotta admit, it takes talent to mess up getting asked out by the girl you were trying to ask out to begin with!

The Doctor, his daughter, Torchwood, and a mysterious enemy. He was a wanderer, a no body—he couldn’t even remember his own name. One-sided Jack/Doctor, implied Doctor/Rose and Doctor/Christina. One of The Doctor's many adventures; the TARDIS gets its coordinates a bit wrong,landing on idyllic Fanti-Havi. This is all we need for Christmas, the three of us, and maybe a bit of snow. Kairi caught Sora's cold, and now she's got nothing to do except lay in bed and discuss her love life with Selphie...until Sora comes to visit, that is..."oneshot sokai Audio Commentary by Namine The Doctor, his daughter, and a secret carved into the skies of the Medusa Cascade, one that can only be revealed to one the Doctor trusts completely. Eskimo kisses and talk of stars high in the Neverland sky. You are his star, his happy thought, his reason to fight; his reason for flight; see now why he wanted to share this with you?

She's more than an innocent ingenue, and he more than an effeminate bishie with too much estrogen. Let me explain further, then, for those of you who are not the Doctor. The object of the game we are playing is to obtain the name of your opponent. There's no place like Christmas Town for the holidays, especially when you've completely forgotten the holiday was almost upon you. That's your future right there, in between those two white pluses. Stop worrying about the finances, and focus on the blessing inbetween those pluses. It would have been a sin for her to smell any different; like strawberries, for example...oneshot.

Hit me up if we have common interests I am a simple down to earth person. I'm continually making things whether it is for work, a silly home project, or just some very experimental cooking. As we talk further, he speaks about a hypothetical power imbalance.

It was during that free kerala dating online he became more open to dating other Asian men. Issues such as detriment to self-esteem and identity came up frequently, especially when people came to feel like they were only being seen for their ethnicity.

God, I need to redo my entire profile but I don't even have the time. Kingdom Hearts: Something Real: First attempt at writing KH and sokai. OOC, dribbling, mushy, gushy, bubbling goopy romantic sap. We're having a four-way tug-a-war over a frisbee""So Megan bounces in here and says she has to tell me something. "-My young cousin Savannah, upon seeing Roxas for the first time. He's decided to confess the day they stand equally. While Sora and Kairi adjust to budding romance, Riku grapples with a loving adversary as lethal as poisoned honey. So I'm an ex-villain who nearly lost his soul and killed his best friend, and he's the oversized rodent that acts like a walking advertisment for Prozac. When a predominant angst writer makes an attempt at comedy, the results are priceless.

A couple years ago I opened my own sewing business and it's awesome but also means I am chronically broke, always stressed, always tired, and have like no free time anymore. Reading Material: I thought it was funny at the time. " My high school French teacher."Y'all, everyone's staring at us. She's twenty-one and towers seven inches above him. They land on a tiny colony on the very edge of deep space. A sinister plot to enslave the Worlds tosses our favorite heroes into survival mode. Of all the things he’d ever dreamed of having again, a mother hadn't been one of them. Because it's driving her crazy not knowing for sure.

It's not quite love and it's not quite lust, but anything is better than the crushing loneliness. But he had to, because he was determined to at least dance with Kairi once in his life before he died.

"If you loved me enough to marry me, then you should have loved me enough to not be okay with letting me go."-sokai- dual alternate endings. It wasn't supposed to happen like this.- It was just a routine mission. -Now I'm dying too.- "She's perfectly healthy..seems she's simply given up the will to live." oneshot post KH2I hope she's a fool. Kairi wasn't quite sure how to answer..KH2...sokai fluff.oneshot It shouldn't have been so difficult to ask her to dance. Riku and Kairi's lips are the prize...oneshot Sx K fluff, minor Roxasx Namine, minor implied onesided Rikux Kair It had to be done, no matter how much it hurt...

And not letting them out till they work together or get to the end. oneshot, Doctor/River For the first time in their whole twisted, timey-wimey relationship, he feels like he's stumbled on an actual, big, genuine spoiler. Especially when playing with mutual friends who are aware of said crush. "You are you, and I am me." It's an oft-used phrase and she finishes it for him, "And we are nobody else but us." Life and love are hard enough for people like them, but that one-digit difference in their identification codes makes it all so much harder. Post KH2 oneshots and drabbles about life back on the islands. Final Chapter: They sit there and laugh as if nothing has changed, because everything has changed.

The Titans now have to play out every storie that pops up. Not just a teaser, not just some quip that she could be making up to annoy him or turn him on, but a real, proper, life-changing, future-revealing spoiler. How much is who someone is as a person written into their DNA?

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