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When Tom and Nic were married, early-ish in the marriage, a friend of mine was their chauffeur for the evening.

He picked them up at their hotel, and dropped them off at separate gay clubs.

I mean, in this day of flip and camera phones, No Way.

Could it be that Hollywood hates him but loves the $ he brings in?

And don't kill me for this, but his actual mannerisms don't really register as 'gay' with me.

Don't get me wrong, I think that he probably still is.

Repeat it often enough and with conviction-- and it must be true, right? I remember reading an interview with Mimi Rogers where she adamantly said that Cruise was not gay. I've always been afraid to say this on DL, but I'm not sure that Tom Cruise is gay either.

Considering TC's stature in Hollywood, it would stand to reason that you couldn't hide it for this long, Scientology or no. BTW, not only should the Catholic Church be prosecuted under RICO, by Scientology should be prosecuted for slavery. Being a member of that cult is all about being a phony. And that she was in a position to comment authoritatively on his sexuality. I think he's weird and a little too caught up in the Sciento stuff, but I have never seen any convincing proof.The biggest evidence is his relationship with Katie Holmes. All I know is that his voice was high pitched in Endless Love, which I think was his first movie. Perhaps someone else can give me examples of what they think seems gay about him. Even in 1991, Tom was one of the biggest stars in the world.It is so profoundly fake and everyone thought so even before the Cruise is gay talk hit the mainstream. How could he go to a gay club without everyone at the club blabbing about it(same thing with Nicole to a lesser extent, she was his new wife after all)? I've known a male and female who have it and both were in relationships.I've heard the rumors for years yet nothing substantial.It's up there with Rod The Mod Stewart's ten pounds of scum in his stomach urban legand that went around for years. On the other hand, fellow Scientologist Travolta pings to high heaven.I'm always reading here that he is gay as if it is a fact, but where's the evidence?All I see is a list of relationships with women going back many years.During the TV Critics Assn or some such conference, where they discuss upcoming seasons, the producers of Dawson's Creek were asked what they thought about their alum, Katie Holmes marrying Tom.One of them responded something like, we always thought Tom would end up with someone from Dawson's we just thought it would be James Van der Beek.I'm still not sure why she did this, since she's old school Scientologist. All of his relationships whether they are romances or friendships or even the weird Messiah thing he has going on with the Church of Scientology is all about him.I've always had this feeling that her career may have suffered for her indiscretion back then. If he could clone himself he would have his perfect lover and best friend all wrapped up into one "perfect" package.

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