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Teen dating violence activities

Distribute the Video Viewing Guide and ask the students to think about the questions on the handout as they watch the video clip: If you can't show the clip from the Web, cue the video about eight minutes into the episode, to where a young man named Michael says "When I do hit her, it's with compassion.It's not like a blow." Stop the tape when you see a group of young people in a classroom and one of them says, "If you gotta hit on your woman, I don't think you should be in that relationship.

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" Almost all participants will answer, "Of course I wouldn't date them!

" Some answers may include: sadness, confusion, anger at the abuser, anger at the victim, helplessness. Ask the group to think back to the questions that were posed before watching the clip.

Ask these questions to the group again, giving time to discuss each answer.

In facilitating this discussion, make sure the following points are made: Abusive and non-abusive relationships start the same, like a honeymoon: pleasant and fun.

The honeymoon phase allows a couple to bond and develop strong feelings for each other.

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