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Teen dating violence 2016

Teens often think that some behaviours (like name calling when it’s called ‘teasing’) are normal and teens in general have a tough time recognizing physical and sexual abuse for what it is.

When the community focuses on healthy relationship building, our young members have a solid foundation in which to stand,” says Sue Ryan, Executive Director of the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

“Every person has the right to healthy, respectful and safe relationships.

Many teens do not report dating violence out of embarrassment, fear and lack of education of the signs.

This makes TDVAPM an especially important month for Delawareans in which teens and their families can learn about this prevalent concern.

John because no one took his behaviour seriously therefore there was no reason to get help. Unfortunately, this is a common start to many years of domestic violence for both of them.

Adolescents are just starting to learn about and experiment with intimate relationships and sexuality, yet the messages they are bombarded with are not clear and are often-times contradictory.“Teen dating violence is a problematic issue that requires dissemination of information as well as collaboration with teens statewide.When girls and young women are among the highest rated for intimate partner violence, devoting an entire month to increasing awareness is more than necessary.Criminal Justice Council Domestic Violence Coordinating Council Wilmington, Del.– Today, February 5th, Governor Markell signed the proclamation declaring February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (TDVAPM).Jane was suspended from school – for her safety because John was so angry.John wasn’t charged because no one wants to ‘ruin’ a young boy’s life for a ‘mistake’ he makes as a teenager. Jane, simply because she was too stressed to return to school and eventually ended up dropping out. It’s certainly something we deal with on a regular basis and we’ve noticed a few pieces that are important to keep in mind when dealing with this topic.As a general rule, teen girls are the highest risk category for victimization and abuse.When the police arrived, they cautioned that both of them could be charged since she pushed back.They were treated like children (which they are) but in doing so, the implications of the dating relationship and the violence that was happening already were not taken seriously.

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