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Read it: HERE This compact, well-designed 880-page ominbus, Ambrose Bierce: The Devil's Dictionery, Tales, & Memoirs, contains Bierce's most familiar and popular work. A welcome addition to the array of books by and about Bierce -- and particularly helpful to those discovering Bierce for the first time. This edition included about half of the definitions found in subsequent editions.The Cynic's Word Book was republished in expanded form and retitled as "The Devil's Dictionary" in Volume VII of Bierce's Collected Works in June 1911 by Walter Neale.In it, Bierce condemns Salomon who delivered a Memorial Day oration bitterly protesting decorating the graves of Confederate dead.

Brad Schmitt writes about it in The Tennessean When wire service writers or newspaper editors need a pungent epigram for a "thought for the day" column, they inevitably turn to Ambrose Bierce's classic Devil's Dictionary, which, under that title, turned 100 in 2011.

Writer, composer, and multimedia artist Stefany Anne Golberg has noted the occasion with a super study for Drexel University's Smart Set Magazine. Joshi, who has become the leading purveyer of Bierce material. Insightful analysis of Bierce by Benjamin Schwartz in The Atlantic, September 2011: HERE Interview with S. Joshi: HERE HISTORICAL NOTE Unluckily for those who would like to simplify the publication history of The Devil's Dictionary to coincide with the recent Library of America edition, 2011 is not the 100th anniversary of the book. Retitled as The Devil's Dictionary, it was originally published as The Cynic's Word Book in October 1906 by Doubleday Page and Company.

Beyond this, Bierce is mentioned numerous times elsewhere in the encyclopedia's contents, in conjunction with his significant connection to other authors and works in the horror field, such as Lovecraft and Blackwood. Mac Wellman's one-man play Bitter Bierce or The Fiction We Call Grief, originally produced in 2003, was restaged in Cleveland in March 2017 as part of a Mac Wellman Homecoming Festival." Details HERE. 27, 2016, following his meeting with President Obama.

Abe's full text: HERE The poem Abe cites is titled "To E. Salomon," which is in Bierce's Black Beetles in Amber.

Lang and Obie Award-winning playwright Mac Wellman explore the implications of unresolved disappearances and human perception. Issued in a limited edition of 200 copies signed by Joshi and Eckhardt. Adapted and directed by John Mc Donald, with original music composed by Colin Ryan.

The work mixes arias with spoken text and emotional melodies with intense drama accompanied by a string quartet. Gene Weingarten of The Washington Post is only partially kidding about the Prize -- as he writes about Bierce's prescience when, in 1871, he denounced the confusion regarding "literally" vs. Mark Day's The Passing Showman aims to be the website of the Ambrose Bierce Audiobook Podcast. The performance marked the third production in the Roxy's four-part series commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Civil War. With original text, art, analysis, and annotations.

But it's probably the most brilliant work of satire written in America.

And maybe one of the greatest in all of world literature." Zweig is interviewed in The site concentrates on the original journalism of thirteen American authors, including Bierce, Mencken, Twain, London, etc.

It was founded in 2014 in Minnesota by Tom Streissguth.

The site's Ambrose Bierce page HERE Sam Davis, creator of the American history podcast "Inward Empire," has released an extended episode about Ambrose Bierce, which focuses on his war stories and his place in the Civil War's national memory.

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