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Teachers dating students schools friendship schools

In general, teachers explain the content of textbooks, hand-outs, and other materials.

The teacher's powerless lecture became my lullaby, and I fell asleep easily as if I had been hypnotized. This way of teaching is quite unfamiliar to Japanese students, and lots of them have trouble in the classroom.

For example, for the first few months I studied in an American school, I was tense because my teachers asked me questions very often.

When they read textbooks or hand-outs, they check facts, such as dates and names of events and people in the case of history. Even if they do not understand the classes, such as history and literature, they can answer questions on an examination.

Second, they need to be nice and polite to teachers to get a better grade for a class.

Differences between schools in the two countries are seen in classrooms and during classes: the style of lectures, the relationship between student and teachers, and the style of examinations. is completely different from Japan, especially in two points.

First, many Japanese students are surprised by American schools because American students pay much attention to teachers, and also they interrupt teachers to ask questions or to express their opinions. One difference is that teachers in Japan expect students to be quiet in classes.

The relationship between teachers and students in the U. In Japan, students also have to be respectful to teachers.

They must talk to teachers very politely, but American students can talk to teachers in a more friendly way than Japanese students. S., students' and teachers' manners in the classrooms are also a culture shock for Japanese students. S., both teachers and students are very informal in the classrooms.

For instance, I was so shocked when I got a "C" on my examination in American Studies at an American university.

I studied a lot, but I could not answer questions because most of them were short essay questions, and I had to write not only facts, events, or dates but also reasons and opinions beyond the facts. S., students do not need to be nice to teachers especially to get better grades in classes.

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