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Taylor swift dating conor kennedy tumblr

Taylor makes no mention of her presumptive beau during the appearance. We'll see about that once a Kennedy inspired single comes out.

October 25, 2012: reports that the pair have called it quits after a few intense months of dating.

and the late Mary Richardson Kennedy in Mount Kisco, N. After a slew of increasingly touchy-feely East Coast sightings, the twosome is seemingly confirmed as a couple.

"I write about it in my songs, and I feel like you can share enough about your life in your music to let people know what you're going through."October 10, 2012: The six-time Grammy winner appears on the cover of and clears up the odd but seemingly relentless rumor that she kinda sorta maybe kidnapped (in the most well-intentioned sense of the word) her beau. " the star insists while also telling the mag, "The way I look at love is, you have to follow it, and fall hard, if you fall hard.

You have to forget about what everyone else thinks."October 16, 2012: Conor attends the premiere of HBO's documentary, and deftly avoids any relationship in general or Conor in specific questions.

"We should be so lucky," the family matriarch said when asked about the possibility of Taylor one day becoming a member of the Kennedy dynasty.

August 19, 2012: From holding hands and wading in the water to kissing near the Kennedy compound, the August 22, 2012: Taylor continues to bond with the Kennedy family, touchingly visiting the grave of Conor's mother, Mary Richardson Kennedy, who tragically took her own life in May. Taylor is forced to deny that she crashed the wedding of Conor's cousin, Kyle Kennedy, after the mother-of-the-bride told the media that Tay Nor (Con Lor?

We're already mourning the loss of Taylor's Jackie-O fashions and the couple's sweet PDAs, so before we say goodbye forever—or Miss Swift releases a new tale-telling single ('cause you know it's a matter of if, not when)—let's take a look back at their adorable romance.

July 31, 2012: After a brief red herring in the form of a hangout session with Patrick Schwarzenegger, the songbird is first snapped looking cozy with the son of Robert Kennedy Jr.In one blog post, Taylor's beau was praised for spotting a dorsal fin a mile away. However, Victoria Gifford Kennedy, Conor's aunt, told the Taylor and Conor crashed her daughter's wedding. He's Basically American Royalty: Conor's father, Robert F. Our favorite Cape Cod-loving couple—22-year-old Taylor Swift and 18-year-old Conor Kennedy—have reportedly called it quits after just a few months of dating.) were asked to leave not once but twice at the vow swap, only to refuse.Kathy Lee Gifford also got herself involved in the story, going on air and claiming that Taylor was indeed a persona non grata at the ceremony.One Direction’s Liam joked the following day: “I thought Harry might have went to the bathroom just a little bit when we met her.” Also that week, Justin Bieber invited both Taylor and One Direction to his LA mansion, where they swam and “just hung out”.Bieber told Britain’s one.” When Harry finally mentioned Taylor’s name, his bandmates shouted, “Jackpot!They definitely looked like a couple.” They held hands and Harry seemed “really protective of her” and kept his arm around her during the party: “They’re not trying to hide it.The bar was packed.”At Z100’s Jingle Ball on December 7, Harry and Taylor watched each other’s performances from side-of-stage, and kissed, hugged and danced backstage while other acts were performing.But this time they have spent more time getting to know each other.Harry is being careful because he doesn’t want to hurt her again.

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