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The one and only Mark Ronson and his band, Business International (who we know best through their multi-talented band member Alex Greenwald), laid down a great set on both nights featuring tracks from their latest -- and also making sure to pay homage to the late Amy Winehouse as they wrapped up.While at the festival we got to take in a bit of everything -- from a jaunt out to the crowd to snag a monstrous foot-long hot dog, and also a bit of adventuring to catch the many characters at the festival (note bloodhound gang look-alikes, and bearded Victorian wig wearer).This is absolutely unacceptable business ethics and I will pursue a complaint with the BBB.

Coming up next, is a slew of rock 'n' roll in North America starting this coming weekend with our first show in Regina, Canada, and then rolling right into our Musical Ride Tour. In my last blog I forgot to include the snap of us and music icon Rick Nielsen,who we are friends with, through my other band Tinted Windows.

There will most definitely be tons of inspiration to keep the snapshots coming. Also a pic with our new friend Sara Bareilles from her stop into Tulsa before our departure.

It offered "one month free" trial, by entering credit card information it would t charge your card, if you canceld your membership before the end of that month.

A spokesman for Calvia Town Hall, which covers Magaluf, said: 'Local police in Calvia have identified and reported three members of a group that was blocking traffic and causing fights in the Punta Ballena area, after the football match between England and Scotland, for infringing the Ordinance for the Promotion of Coexistence.'When police arrived, the group broke up and they were able to identify three individuals who were reported and who paid the fine on the spot.' It was not immediately clear last night how much they ended up paying and whether those caught were English or Scottish.

Something that I want to mention, which I was excited to blog about, was the Sunset Junction Festival in L. (featuring us and friends like Butch Walker, Ozomatli and Rooney plus Butthole Surfers and more).

Unfortunately, the fest was called off for a variety of reasons involving an debacle between city and the festival. We had an amazing turnout of fans with thousands packed in to see our debut set.Since my last round in the PAPER blogosphere, I have moved a bit closer to the main attractions in our world, ping-ponging all the way from Billings, Montana, to London, England, and back stateside.Much of the activity in this blog follows our latest UK Festival appearance, the 2011 V festival, and since the next couple months will be almost solely devoted to US action, I thought it fair to give a bit more love to our time on British soil before moving the limelight (at least till November when more international dates kick off).A study done by Fanatics delves deep into the dating preferences of each team's fanbase -- and it revealed some interesting trends.In the sweet clips, Harper and her dad were seen dribbling through a park before she begins kicking the ball towards him while he threw back in an expert sequence.Backstage V took good care of their artists by setting up a makeshift salon for the last minute trim, and having just arrived in London in much need of a cut I had to take advantage of the opportunity to get cleaned up.V was fantastic, and a great send off before our return to the UK in November...It was great to re-connect with Ellie and many others during the weekend of music.One band which set the bar high were our buds Joel and Benji Madden in Good Charlotte, who we hadn't seen since the Bamboozle road show in the US.The guys were just wrapping up a summer of touring throughout Europe and the UK, so they were pumped to be almost headed home.We had a great time re-connecting with both bros, plus Billy and Dean, and got a welcome dose of Benji's signature mixed drink (Diet Coke, Jack and Redbull -- forgive me if I'm missing an element).

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