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Tai sora dating

I hissed in pain once I saw the blood it was over I started panicking I hate blood in the process I accidentally cut myself again I dropped the razor trying to quickly fix this... I barely slept last night I haven't even talked to (Y/N) she hasn't answered any of my texts or calls.

02 does have a lot of problems, but even with it's strengths (the nonstop, in your face action) it just comes off as being "Okay".

"Hey Tai what do you want to eat." My best friend Sora told me. I blush knowing what she wanted "Umm Sora you know I'm dating-hmph" She cuts me off with a kiss, no this isn't right I love Sora but not in that way my heart completely belongs to (Y/N) "What the hell Tai! I immediately push Sora off and face (Y/N), "Umm when did you get here." I laughed a little hoping it would relax the mood a bit.

"I know what I want to eat." She came over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist fiddling with my belt.

The Digimon universe having alternate realities is canon due to Brave Tamer. Also, there are people who are fans of Tamers and Frontier who also don't like 02.

I just feel that the chance to do that was wasted since we know how this is going to end. So it isn't just Adventure fans, blinded by nostalgia.

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