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The Middle Eastern culture perpetuates many norms that hinder young people especially women from accessing information on sex and reproductive health.There is a wide gap in sexual and reproductive health development for young women in Middle East.Young women in many cultures in the developing world still face challenges that result to their marginalization.

A long-overdue text for all students and lecturers of anthropology, many post-fieldwork readers will find a resonance of issues they have previously faced (or tried to avoid) and those who are still to undertake fieldwork will find articles that refer to other kinds of personal and professional experience as well as providing invaluable preparations for coping in the field.Additionally, there is also the lack of sufficient health professionals as well as lack of interest among the professionals to employee the limits resources to gain or develop modern tactics Disconnect between policy, research, and practice is detrimental to sexual and health reproduction in Middle East.Usually, the official policies in Middle East do less than combat the underlying sexual taboo (Saleh, 2010).It is paramount to look at sexual and reproductive education challenges using a single service delivery system as opposed to the current disposition of no vision at all.Among the numerous problems dogging media literacy in Middle East are reproductive health and sexual health issues (Saleh, 2010).She often works from these inspirations, attempting to recreate something she's seen.In the end, it comes down to swatching--trying different stitches, making up new ones, ripping out and trying more until the yarn whispers, "Yes, that's what I want to be.On the face value, the Middle East is known for its high preference of family values, as well as conservative and paternalistic culture.This is usually a cliché that masks the real situation in the region.The gap widens as the policymakers and media plays remain ignorant of the dangers of not talking about sex and how sexual health plays into the entire healthcare system.It is noteworthy that professional development for media professional, political and public good will and the alignment of policy, research, and media practice are vital to change the current discourse.

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