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But the two friends (who describe themselves as “pomosexuals“) were too impatient to use the available dating apps on the market, all of which required them to spend hours flirting with potential flings via chat or text message before getting a date and, possibly, sealing the deal.

They knew there were horny people around them looking for sex — and nothing more — but had no way of figuring out where, and who, they were.

As a lark (because I am utterly, indubitably married), I occasionally try to smile, tease, and flirt, which more often than not causes them to beat a hasty retreat.

The founders of Pure, whose website and investor deck are filled with feminine imagery and sex-positive language, say they’re starting out by marketing to “men who have sex with men,” but hope to break into the straight, bi-, and polyamorous markets soon after launch.

Their money-making concept centers on charging users $9.99 for a day pass, which allows them to submit unlimited requests for 24Eventually, Pure’s co-founders say they hope to be part of a cultural change surrounding online sex-discovery.

Pure, which is hoping to ride the wave, raised a seed round of $200,000, according to Sidorenko, and is currently soliciting additionallike appeal.

Grindr’s hetero-focused spinoff, Blendr, flopped upon introduction two years ago, and while gay-oriented apps like Scruff have sprung up with even simpler interfaces, none has eclipsed the original.

Bang With Friends reportedly raised a $1 million funding round and was seen as dangerous enough for Zynga to sue it for trademark infringement.

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Tinder is backed by and is a perennial target of acquisition rumors in Silicon Valley.Reis, who has written extensively about online-dating habits, is wary of the rise of minimalist apps, especially the ones that promise to arrange casual, spur-of-the-moment flings. Whereas they flirt with and try to attract both sexes, yet refuses to identify as bisexual.Unlike on Grindr, users aren’t required to have or maintain separate profiles (Bang With Friends simply pulls information from Facebook), and on Pure, there is no “idle” or “away” setting, meaning that everyone using the app is presumably Grindr is nothing but a traditional dating site,” Sidorenko says.“To find someone for a hookup, you have to start a standard chat like, ‘Hi, how are you, are you looking, can you host?Confidential user feedback keeps creeps at bay, and people who repeatedly no-show arebanned.Pure, which will launch next week pending approval by Apple’s App Store (“we have a plan B,” says Sidorenko), is the newest entry into one of the hottest subgenres of consumer tech: the minimalist hookup app.“I suspect that I flirt with everyone, though some of that is unintended,” my straight, married acquaintance Natalie Robertson admitted to me via social media.“But as a straight woman, it is fun to flirt with lesbians, because of the heightened level of ambiguity, which I think is part of the joy of flirtation—that tiny mystery, the wondering about potentiality, that eternal ‘what if? Plus, there's an element to flirting with someone of the same sex that is totally different than with the opposite sex: There's a more instant camaraderie, which makes for more instant shared language, which makes for more instant inside jokes, which is what some of the greatest flirtation is composed of.” Though the cross-orientational flirtations I’m most familiar with (and encouraging of) tend to be ladies only, the phenomenon is by no means confined to straight-girl-on-gay-girl action.At my day job, which allows me the freedom to scrutinize the public from behind the safety of a cash register, I can generally guess which girls are queer, because the queer girls never meet my eye.Their glances dart up toward my head, take in my men’s haircut and button-down Sears shirt, then slide rapidly away from my eyes, never to return.

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