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Singles and Stinking Thinking is over 5 hours of must-hear information for everyone who thinks they want to tie the knot.All organs are presented as “wet” sample sets, with microphones positioned reasonably close to the pipes and therefore needing little or no additional reverberation.They shop around for a church that best meets their felt needs, much as they decide whether to shop at Wal-Mart or Target.

If we get this out there, it's going to be a life changer."--Mark Gungor This series is for all singles from age 16-90 with an eye toward marriage—whether you are a young person just starting to date, divorced or widowed.

It’s also a great resource for parents looking for the biblical wisdom to instruct and guide their sons and daughters on the path to a successful married future.

If I want to be like Christ, then I need to love the church and give myself for her, even if I get hurt or frustrated or disillusioned. You must commit yourself to the local church because it is God’s kingdom, His household, and His temple where He dwells. He does not use the word “church,” but that is obviously what he is talking about (see , ).

And, he does not specifically exhort us to be committed to the church, although that is the only conclusion that you can draw if you understand his words.

But, if they get bored or decide it isn’t meeting their needs, they shop around for another one that suits them better.

They don’t evaluate a church on the basis of whether it teaches sound doctrine or whether it has an emphasis on the Great Commission or other biblical criteria. “They don’t believe in the Resurrection or even in one true God.” Then the man’s wife spoke up. We always come away from the service feeling much better.” Colson comments, “ better? For many people, unfortunately, the answer is yes.” A third line of evidence that most Christians have inadequate views of the church is, as Joshua Harris puts it ( of the church. The church-dater is looking for the best product for the price.He made exclusive covenants and promises with them (Rom. But now God has created a new man, the church, made up of Jews and Gentiles.The church is presently His kingdom people on this earth. But now, Paul says, “you are fellow citizens with the saints.” Your spiritual new birth in Christ has made you a natural citizen of His kingdom. You now have certain privileges and responsibilities as a member of this spiritual kingdom. This 4-disc set gives practical and straight-forward advice that singles need to make the right decisions when it comes to dating and marriage.Taught from a definite Christian world-view, Mark challenges the over-spiritualized, over-romanticized, expectations that fill the heads of so many singles—including some unbiblical beliefs that are held near and dear to their hearts!But, meanwhile, you have no concept of being built together with other saints in the household of God, the temple where He dwells in human hearts.In support of my contention that Christians think this way, pollster George Gallup found that while almost half the country attends church services, only 6 to 10 percent of all Americans are what he terms “highly spiritually committed” (cited by Charles Colson, [Word, 1992], p. Here is a second reason that I think most Christians have inadequate or misguided views of the church: they choose their church as spiritual consumers, not in terms of being built up and ministering in the most holy faith.32 stop and Evaluation sample sets are now available, featuring multiple recording perspectives.The complete 57 stop organ will be available later in 2016.5) told about some friends of his that had started attending a Unity church. But I would venture to say that if you’ve been married for very long, you have been hurt or frustrated or disillusioned. Commitment is what keeps you going in your marriage, to work at making it better.In the same way, you need to commit yourself to the church and work at making it better.

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