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She missed court appearance or payment dates seven times.

And in two instances, the court issued a warrant to force payment.

“It’s not just her long record of breaking the law, but it’s the idea that the law somehow doesn’t apply to her.

Voters are watching and considering what such a driving history means, Herseth Sandlin campaign spokesman Russ Levsen said.

“Kristi Noem’s arrest warrants and failures to appear in court are serious red flags to voters,” he said.

“They couldn’t just have their day or two of bad stories and let it go. Instead of focusing on that, the Republicans turned this into a two-week story.” It’s a story that some argue is overblown. Somehow, it has become a major issue of the campaign.” Frankenfeld said he speeds and sometimes pays fines for it. Even Noem’s penchant for being late in paying her fines -- in two instances to the point where warrants were issued for collection -- isn’t a serious detriment to her campaign, Frankenfeld said.

They wanted to discredit the Democrats,” Rosenthal said. “I just got a speeding ticket about three weeks ago, and I just made the deadline to send in my money because I forgot about it,” he said.

But responding to questions about her driving record takes time and focus away from issues she would rather discuss, such as the federal deficit and U. Noem’s history of a heavy foot and failure to pay some of her fines on time may have put the brakes on her so-far-impressive run to unseat the Democratic incumbent.

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It isn’t just the news stories of Noem’s driving record over the past 21 years that have kept the issue alive, Rosenthal said.

Citations used to come with a court date only, giving the violator the option of appearing in court on the assigned day to pay or stopping at the courthouse before that, Mayes said.

“Now, you get a ticket and an envelope and you sign a promise to appear; then you’re supposed to mail it in,” Mayes said. And people can misplace the letter or forget about it.” It isn’t that uncommon in Noem’s family, based on court records since 1989.

“Our state and country are facing important issues, such as how to grow our economy and create jobs, and this election should be focused on those issues instead of my poor driving record,” she said.

“For that I apologize and pledge that I will work every day from now until the election, like I have been doing, addressing the issues that matter most to South Dakota families.” Herseth Sandlin’s campaign team continues to argue that Noem’s traffic history is an important issue that goes to the character of the candidate.

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