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Sql updating statistics

Table 14-1 lists the procedures in the The statistics-gathering operations can utilize sampling to estimate statistics.Sampling is an important technique for gathering statistics.

The recommended approach to gathering statistics is to allow Oracle to automatically gather the statistics.

Oracle gathers statistics on all database objects automatically and maintains those statistics in a regularly-scheduled maintenance job.

There are typically two types of such objects: For tables which are being bulk-loaded, the statistics-gathering procedures should be run on those tables immediately following the load process, preferably as part of the same script or job that is running the bulk load.

For external tables, statistics are not collected during , automatic statistics gathering cannot detect stale statistics.

Distributed statements accessing objects with new statistics on remote databases are not invalidated.

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The new statistics take effect the next time the SQL statement is parsed.

In addition, you can lock statistics to prevent those statistics from changing.

The lock methods are described in "Locking Statistics for a Table or Schema".

When you generate statistics for a table, column, or index, if the data dictionary already contains statistics for the object, then Oracle updates the existing statistics.

The older statistics are saved and can be restored later if necessary. When gathering statistics on system schemas, you can use the procedure .

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