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It can be a life-saver, but when your opponent receives one even though their health bar is far from low, it seems very unfair.

Online battles lasting around five minutes against opponents from all over the world are what’s on offer, but don’t ask us why the colourful critters are fighting one another. Matching three or more of the elephant or hippo tiles builds up your defences while matching the rest of the animal tiles adds to your attack power.

Get your attack power higher than 100 and your critter will go into hyper drive, causing extra damage.

There are a few different power-ups that can turn matches in your favour.

Binoculars highlight all tiles that can be swapped while the random tile will remove all those of one kind.

The rating system is also similar to that seen in Mario Kart Wii – you start off with a base score of 4,000 and then points are added or deducted if you win or lose matches respectively.


The ability to ask for an instant rematch, opponent willing, helps to keep the battles flowing and we’re happy to say that the music has been improved since the DS original.Their adventures take place all over town: at the ski lodge, in a gondola, at a popular nightclub, and, of course, in a hot tub.The game features humorous dialogs and adult situations with upbeat music and 2D graphics.It takes less that ten minutes to set up a profile, which is appropriately string-bare–after all, no one said quality comes free!What does come for free is access to thousands upon thousands of singles people, including instant message and e-mail privileges.If you purchased a Nintendo DS at launch then Zookeeper should be a game that’s familiar to you.It launched alongside the handheld in all three territories and, Super Mario 64 DS aside, it was one of the few games launch games worth buying. Słowem koncert opatrzyła pani Aneta Derkowska (Towarzystwo Bachowskie). Mozarta, Jerzego Bauera, Dobromiły Jaskot oraz improwizację.There’s also a power-up which will coat your opponent’s tiles in mud, thus making them very hard to tell apart.Every now and then there’s the chance to top-up your health bar.

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