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For example, you may be interested in how someone feels when looking at a site or if they were able to achieve a specific task.

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Designing data visualizations can also help to develop meaningful insights from a load of hard-to-handle data. Feedback Forms – Garnering meaningful feedback can be a challenge.Use a spreadsheet to create a form that will help your copywriter understand how a design comp is transformed into CMS fields like Headlines, Subheadlines, Description, CTA, etc.Trust me, this will exponentially speed content entry when the system is finally ready. use color-coding to indicate which entries have been transferred. Dashboard Reports – Everyone loves data visualization.This will notify them to the fact that you need their eyes on your comment.Once they’ve responded you can just mark the comment as resolved to clean up the interface.This is a great feature for calling out important items to a team who may only be concerned with a few things in your spreadsheet. Concatenation – Have you ever wanted to splice two things together?Concatenation is exactly what you need; it takes two fields and combines them into one.Functions afford savvy marketers an opportunity to perform on par with software developers by manipulating data and performing calculations. Protecting a range of cells, or an entire sheet will help you sleep better at night because your hard work can’t be compromised.Hopefully by now you’re convinced that spreadsheets are a valuable marketing tool. Consistent cell width and row height – Most of our sheets are designed at 35px tall rows, with Arial 10pt font.We used a spreadsheet to document client approvals and link back to the correct version so our developers knew which file to reference. Goal Definition – Defining clear goals is perhaps one of the toughest parts of a project. When conducting a content audit it’s essential to consider the target persona, which stage of the funnel (or user’s journey) the content is for, the content format, and the effectiveness of each piece of content.Completing a spreadsheet of the HEART Framework with Goals-Signals-Metrics articulates better objectives that are meaningful and user-centered. Using a well-formatted content audit sheet can make this important task a breeze and help you achieve even greater results with your next revision. Content Preparation – It can take a long time for a design PSD to be built into a Content Management System.

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