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Spanish class speed dating activity

I told them that they could change identities and I gave a demonstration at the front of the class: I was Dora the Explorer and my partner was Bob the Builder!

We haven't finished celebrating love yet, in April we will talk about "el dia de San Jordi", the Catalan Valentine's Day, when boys give roses to the girls and girls give the boys books.The learning objective for today was to create sentences with time expressions in our topics: daily routine (Year 5) and school (Year 6).I printed out 2 sets of sentences like "Me despierto a las 7." and "Leo en la biblioteca a las 11".I placed my home made little fortune cookies on the tables and put some heart balloons up for the right atmosphere:-) I put my PP up on the screen and we were ready to go....The children had 2 minutes to ask each other questions, they could use mine or they could make up their own.What a great opportunity to write our own minibooks!It's Friday and the second to last period of the day when my Spanish 4 Honors class walks in.You can teach useful Spanish vocabulary through games on Valentine's Day!Word searches, crossword puzzles, hangman, fly swatter, memory cards... And learning additional vocabulary words is never a waste of time.Let me back track a little before I explain the activity itself.Next week, the students have their Interpersonal Common Assessment which the department will use to make sure that our students are meeting the targets we have set for them.

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