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‘Nothing frightens me, but I do love frightening other people.’ Susie’s choice of roles, it has to be said, has also been pretty fearless over the years.From her television debut in 2002 as the legendary Chardonnay in (her portrayal of the prototype Wag – before the term was coined – was so convincing that David Beckham allegedly began to refer to his wife as Beaujolais), to her involvement in the forthcoming film ) was to create something around the most marketable title ever (the combination of lesbian, vampire and killers), and Susie was thrilled to take on the cameo role of Blonde.Not the usual tourist spots like Puerto Banus [Marbella] or Paris, but places like the ones we visited on Route 66, such as Chesterfield, Illinois, where the locals had never met a British person before.’Family is ‘hugely’ important to Susie and she still lives a few minutes from her adored mother – who has not remarried – and half an hour from her married sister, who is currently a full-time mother to ten-month-old son Sam.

'After the first series I met Victoria Beckham’s parents and they told me she was a huge fan of the show, whichwas a relief…

But they do say Victoria has a very dry sense of humour,’ Susie says.

He was, and remains, a significant part of her life and going on their first date is the only thing, she confides, that has ever really terrified her. I think it was because my two previous relationships had evolved from friendships and this was my first proper date.

'I remember walking into Max’s house and feeling so sick – I don’t think I have ever told anyone this – that the first thing I said to him was, “I need to lie down.” I lay on his sofa and this was before the date had even started.

Jimmy (Horne) and Fletch (Corden) unexpectedly find themselves stuck in a village in which all the women have been enslaved by a vampire curse.

‘The script was hilarious, and even though I only have a tiny role it was impossible to turn down,’ she says.

He is irreplaceable – I don’t mean that I will never have another boyfriend, but that he is unique in my life.’ Currently single for the first time in her adult life, Susie has overcome her fear of dating and has been going out a lot ‘with different people’.

What does she think about Danny Cipriani, her friend Kelly Brook’s younger boyfriend?

Dennis Hopper was amazing, Andy Garcia was the perfect gentleman, and Gérard Depardieu was just, well, very eccentric,’ she says.

), who was her boyfriend for four years (they split at the end of 2007 amid rumours that he was unable to commit to the relationship).

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