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Continuing its journey northward, the highway crosses the Beaver River, then intersects US-64 in Turpin. The three highways overlap as they cross the Missouri River and enter Pierre.

US-83 North and US-64 East are co-signed for three northbound miles, where US-64 turns eastward.

At the north end of the US 50-83 Business route, US 83 splits and heads north toward Scott City, while US 50 and US 400 remain joined through the rest of the state.

The Information Centers are staffed from mid-May through mid-September and offer brochures and maps as well as in-person travel information.

The rest areas offer minimal services including restrooms and pay phones.

83 briefly merges both roadways and shares land with an adjacent railroad line in order to cross a viaduct that separates Lake Sakakawea from Lake Audubon. 83 passes directly through Minot, where it is known as Broadway, although the Minot Bypass to the west is an alternate route.

Interstate 90 runs east-west through the state with access to Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Rapid City and Spearfish.

After passing through Selden, K-383 splits from US 83 and continues northeast to US 36, while US 83 meets the beginning of K-23.

US 83 returns to a northerly course at the Sheridan County–Decatur County line, and passes through Oberlin at US 36. 83 enters Nebraska south of Mc Cook, where it meets U.

BIA-1 BIA-2 BIA-3 BIA-4 BIA-5 BIA-6 BIA-7 BIA-8 BIA-9 SD-10 BIA-10 SD-11 BIA-11 US-12 BIA-12 US-12P SD-13 BIA-13 US-14 US-14A US-14L BIA-15 SD-15 US-16 US-16A SD-17 US-18 US-18P SD-19 BIA-19 SD-19A SD-20 SD-20P SD-21 BIA-21 SD-22 SD-25 SD-26 SD-27 BIA-27 SD-28 I-29 LOOP I-29 SPUR I-29 SPUR I-29P SD-30 When first implemented in 1926, US-16 between Wyoming and Rapid City followed the alignment (northwest of Rapid City) of what later became US-14, which stopped south of Philip.

In 1928, US-14 was extended west to use what is now the US-16 alignment west of Rapid City.

At Garden City, US 50 and US 400 join US 83 for a brief concurrency on a bypass around the east and north sides of the city while U. 83 Business follows the former routing through downtown.

All three routes cross K-156, also known as Kansas Avenue, in the northwest portion of the city.

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