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I started getting some "How on earth did you manage to pick up a guy in such a tight, awkward space?

I recently came across a photo of a sexy Brazilian man I had an affair with a few years ago.

(OK, I Googled him.) When I saw his sly smile and unruly black hair, I couldn't help thinking that, by comparison, my live-in boyfriend wasn't quite as darkly seductive or exciting.

I'd be lying if I said I knew what was going on here, but I'm pretty sure this goes against my rule of being sly and subtle. Once he realizes you're looking at him each time, you'll be able to gauge whether or not he's deliberately catching your eye, too.

Unless you're trying to meet the scuba partner of your dreams, I guess. Which brings me to the next point: Be doing something (other than checking him out). Be distracted by your phone, or scribbling in a notebook.

“But after what happened with Tom Hiddleston, they were determined to keep it quiet.” The US songwriter, 27, has been renting a house in North London while she has been seeing Joe in the UK.

And Taylor has gone to great lengths to ensure her visits have remained unnoticed.

"Nobody has a clue they've been walking past a music superstar - not even her new neighbours." The Sun revealed her shock romance with Tom last summer with a memorable front page of the pair by the rocks on a beach in Long Island.

Taylor is desperate for the relationship to avoid becoming a circus, which has hindered her previous romances.

Outwardly, I told myself I was having fun and it was just a matter of time before someone wanted to settle down; inside, I started to worry that I wasn't lovable or exciting enough. Sometime after the Brazilian, a buddy observed, " need to be the Brazilian in your relationship." By that, she meant I needed a solid guy I could rely on. She had a point, but the kind of guy she described sounded so boring I figured I'd be better off getting a dog. I passed over his profile, which depicted an earnest guy with bright blue-gray eyes wearing an old Guatemalan sweater. There were no witty phrases in his e-mails, no sense that he was teetering on that razor's edge between genius and madness.

Unconvinced of his romantic potential, I invited him over for soup, less a date than a get-together with an old friend.

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