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Even when he comes pushpa and her husband dont get enough time to have sex as they live in a joint family and when he comes he is busy visiting his friends and relatives rather satisfying pushpa.

Since this is my first time Im not sure if you will like it, however To begin with myself, Im 5.4″ guy with few extra pounds and Im very sexual.

I get attracted to elderly women very much and love navel gazing.

In these two days i got attracted to pushpa very much, she used to wear only sarees and i tried looking at her navel but she never used to wear saree below navel.

I tried touching her boobs and ass whenever possible and fantasized fucking her and shagged all night.

The next day my self and pushpa were all alone at home as she felt sick and her 2 sons and my parents went out for shopping and I knew they wont be back until evening.

So myself and pushpa started chatting on many topics and she suddenly asked me about the photos and videos that i had in my mobile. i spend most of my time watching porn, but I got interested after going through couple of stories.So I decided to share my own experience which happened last year.I always fantazise about having fun with aunts but i never expected that it will happen with my own loving aunt pushpa. She lives with her in laws in some place in karnataka – andhra border.Her husband is a jawan in crpf, he comes only like 30-45 days in a year to be with his family in holiday.Then i went to the kitchen and bought the jam bottle with me.I took some jam and applied it to my dick and then gave it to her, she closed her eyes and rolled her toungue on my dick head nad said she cant do it I told her you wont get satisfied unless you do it , so she my cock in to her mouth licked it suckd it for 5 minutes after which I told her thts enough for now. i was afraid a bit as this was my first time and that my skin might not open but since she lubricated it with her saliva it easily went inside her pussy, we went for 15 minutes in missionary position and then she asked me ” dipu en chootha adikiriya da ” I told her if she wished yes but I reminded her it will be painful, she told me thats okay and she couldnt wait anymore she wanted my dick so badly in her ass hole, so I first inserted my middle finger and thumb finer to expand it, than i slowly put my dick in her ass hole and moved it mm by mm. She started moaning like a whore shouting “jora adi da innum jora adi da”I kept banging her ass for like 20 minutes and when ever i was about to cum i slowed down and than started again to bang her.I still cannot forget the way she shouted ” dipu nakku da innum ulla vittu nakku da, en mulaya amuku da innum jora amuku da”.Nearly 20 minutes after doing that I asked her to suck my cock but she resisted saying that she hasnt done that before and shes afraid how its going to taste ?that will get a response from the highest number of women online.According to our in-house data, copy & paste templates are not as effective as a unique, personalized message sent to the woman in question.

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